Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flowers and issues!!!

These are some of the flowers that grow near the place I live in Bengaluru. I have been told that these flowers are perennial. There is a lot of greenery near my place but from what I have been told, Bengaluru was once called 'Garden City of India'. I have hardly seen any commendable gardens. It's mostly crowded roads and buildings with lots of rude and unpolite people. However I have met quite a lot of polite people as well, but they were all older people, kind of like 10 to 50 years older to me. I guess these elederly, polite and respectable people did not teach their children and grandchildren the same kind of behaviour like what was taught to them by their parents. Well, I will be gone from this place soon but I wonder what holds in future for these so called 'New Age Baby Boomers of India' The young ones are so restless, impatient, impolite, don't have respect for their own people, don't listen to their elders and don't have values. I have heard a lot of swearing in english as well as their native languages like hindi, telugu, tamil, malayalam and kannada. They boast about their culture and traditions which infact is false pretense. From my friends (localites who understand these languages) I have been told that the swearing is very ugly and disgusting. The younger generation in Bengaluru has access to some of the latest gadgets which we don't have in Lida. Just because they have access to information on the move, they think they know it all. Half baked knowledge is so very dangerous. What ever happened to the humbleness and innocence of childhood and simplicity of adolescence!!

There is a bigger lessons to be learnt by the rest of the world: When there is rapid growth and development (boom-time) and people are given freedom, their very financial independence kills a lot of thier own personality traits and characteristics at a induvidual level and kills culture and tradition on a larger social level.

My blog is not meant for commenting or criticizing anybody. But I just want to mention this and end it because of several irritating incidents that have taken place in the past few weeks. Bengaluru not only has issues with its infrastructure but also too many social, political and financial issues which will surface to an uncontrolled levels in the near future. I can only wish and hope that god will help them to be better people.

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