Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pedestal with a bowl...

Normally a pedestal is a firm and solid structure which forms the base especially when it is used for structures like pillars in temples or probably the base of a table or something. I saw this interesting pedestal like structure which had a bowl like thing kept on it. It made me wonder, how could something like this be made of wood and what purpose does it serve other than being just an artistic structure. I guess it might have had a different future when it was being made and later on somewhere something different happened in its course which made this structure end up in the place I visited today and to be there as a display structure instead of its intended purpose. I thought about it for a long time then I thought it was a waste of time thinking about it and just gave up. It looks nice and the person or people who improvised on this damaged structure have quite an imagination I must say. Unfortunately, nobody there seem to know who made this and where did it come from and who could probaly tell more about it. Its kind of sad when the history is lost to time.

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